CX - Making a Difference Award Winners
April 27, 2021

Members, guests and other team members can nominate a Beausejour Co-op team member they think went above and beyond during their visit. For more information about our CX  Making A Difference Award Program, please CLICK HERE

Every month, we select a team member to win this award for going above and beyond.

See our past winners and their stories below!

MARCH 2021


“I left my wallet on the counter one evening after purchasing fuel... When I arrived home, there was a message waiting for me stating I left my wallet. The message was from Michelle! I didn't even realize that I had left it behind. I thought this was very kind of her to go out of her way to make sure I got my wallet back. The service I receive from Michelle is professional and very courteous. It is a pleasure to be a member of the Co-op when the staff go the extra mile for a customer! Keep it up!” - DONNA C.

APRIL 2021


“Through the turnover of a pharmacy Manager, Arianna was willing to step up and take on extra responsibility and more hours without question. She temporarily welcomed responsibility of the manager duties including the requirements established by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba. This all transpired while vaccines became more available for younger Manitobans which posed additional demand on pharmacies. Best of all, she approached all of this with professionalism and a positive attitude.” KEVIN V.

MAY 2021


“Sydney did an amazing job during our donation card & cake drive where proceeds went towards the Andrew Dunn Foundation! She was never pushy when offering each customer the chance to make a donation and took the time to explain the importance of the Andrew Dunn Foundation to those who were unaware, which eventually led her to collecting the most donations! Sydney really displayed how her values align with Beausejour Co-op's. This location & community is very lucky to have someone like Sydney!”  JASON H.

JUNE 2021


“A customer was feeling quite faint while at our store. Nick noticed an unusual behavior coming from the customer, so he followed up with him to ensure everything was good. It didn't take Nick long to realize that this gentleman needed help. Nick sat with him, talked with him and waited for the customer's wife to arrive in the parking lot on a day where it was above 30 degrees. Because of the heat, Nick ran and got the customer some water. Turns out the man had fallen down the stairs a day prior and had caused a lot of damage to his side and ribs. Nick made sure he was okay and helped him get back safely with his wife. Great job Nick!” - CHANTALLE B.

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