CX - Making a Difference Award Winners
April 27, 2021

Members, guests and other team members can nominate a Beausejour Co-op team member they think went above and beyond during their visit. For more information about our CX  Making A Difference Award Program, please CLICK HERE

Every month, we select a team member to win this award for going above and beyond.

See our past winners and their stories below!

APRIL 2021


“Through the turnover of a pharmacy Manager, Arianna was willing to step up and take on extra responsibility and more hours without question. She temporarily welcomed responsibility of the manager duties including the requirements established by the College of Pharmacists of Manitoba. This all transpired while vaccines became more available for younger Manitobans which posed additional demand on pharmacies. Best of all, she approached all of this with professionalism and a positive attitude.” KEVIN V.

MAY 2021


“Sydney did an amazing job during our donation card & cake drive where proceeds went towards the Andrew Dunn Foundation! She was never pushy when offering each customer the chance to make a donation and took the time to explain the importance of the Andrew Dunn Foundation to those who were unaware, which eventually led her to collecting the most donations! Sydney really displayed how her values align with Beausejour Co-op's. This location & community is very lucky to have someone like Sydney!”  JASON H.

JUNE 2021


“A customer was feeling quite faint while at our store. Nick noticed an unusual behavior coming from the customer, so he followed up with him to ensure everything was good. It didn't take Nick long to realize that this gentleman needed help. Nick sat with him, talked with him and waited for the customer's wife to arrive in the parking lot on a day where it was above 30 degrees. Because of the heat, Nick ran and got the customer some water. Turns out the man had fallen down the stairs a day prior and had caused a lot of damage to his side and ribs. Nick made sure he was okay and helped him get back safely with his wife. Great job Nick!” - CHANTALLE B.

JULY 2021


“I witnessed Mackenzie serving a gentleman right at store closing time, he was in with his young son just purchasing refills of water. Then, he realized he forgot his wallet and started to panic. Mackenzie recognized this immediately and offered to pay for 2 refills and also sent the young boy with some Hey Clay. The father left saying how happy and impressed he was with Co-op as a whole. "You guys have made my week." Mackenzie made this dad's day. It was a pleasure to watch!” - JASMINE C.



“I was on my way down from my break, walking towards the Pharmacy when I noticed a woman holding her chest, and trying to get her air. I went over to her and asked "Are you ok?". She kind of nodded and the lady with her said, "No she is not!". It happened so fast, but I soon realized this lady was choking. I went to put my water on the Pharmacy counter and shouted for Melanie(little did I know she was stocking the OTCs). I was about to do the Heimlich but Melanie dropped what she was doing, got to her before I could and started doing the Heimlich and banging on her back about 6 times and out popped the blockage.... a piece of meat. Scary moment for everyone involved. Melanie saved this lady's life. Truly amazing!” — ARLENE S.


Donna  Beausejour Bulk Petroleum

“An older customer was having trouble starting his vehicle in our parking lot. He came into our location confused and frantic as he had somewhere he needed to be. He asked for help and Donna assured him that she would help. Donna dropped what she was doing and headed outside with the customer immediately. It was a newer vehicle with a key fob start so Donna's first guess was that the key fob batteries were most likely dead, but the customer was adamant that they weren't. After trying a few times to start the vehicle, Donna reached into the glove box and pulled out the owner's manual. She spent a few minutes reading until she found a way to start the vehicle when the key fob isn't working. Donna placed the key fob in the center console cup holder then placed her foot on the break and pushed the start button. The vehicle started instantly! The customer was very thankful and praised Donna many times. It was amazing to see Donna go the extra mile and use her great problem-solving skills to help this customer. Keep it up!” — WAYNE S.


Cody  Lac du Bonnet Gas Bar

“After a scary event where a woman had her vehicle stolen in front of the Lac Du Bonnet Gas Bar. The woman, visibly shaken entered our store and Cody helped comfort her and then gathered camera footage for the RCMP. Cody then noticed a dog running loose in and around the Co-op parking lot. It soon became apparent that this dog belonged and was abandoned by the car thief. Cody then bought a bag of beef jerky to lure the dog close enough so he could capture it and prevent the dog from getting hit by a vehicle. He was successful and brought the dog to a friend’s house where after 2 weeks they are still caring for the abandoned dog.” — JOEY K.


Angela — Beausejour Food Store

“While I was paying at the express till yesterday, I witnessed an extremely rude customer swear and yell at Angela. It was super hard not to get involved but this team member took it and kept so calm and when the customer left, Angela looked at me and was so gracious and kind. She didn’t let that ignorant customer get in the way of dealing with the next customer. A big shout out to Angela for providing excellent customer service even during a very stressful time!” - JEN W.


Brady  Lac du Bonnet Gas Bar

“Brady was assisting a lady who was having issues purchasing a gift card. As Brady was helping, he noticed something very suspicious about the situation. Brady questioned who the gift cards were for (as the customer was elderly and very unsure). Turns out this customer was being scammed and Brady saved her $500! Way to go Brady!” - SARAH P.

QUARTER 1 - 2022

Glen  Beausejour Bulk Plant

“Glen was on his way to deliver heating oil to an elderly customer who ran out of fuel. As he pulled into the driveway he got stuck as the owner just packed the snow down all winter. Glen shoveled himself out and knew he would not get back into the driveway with the truck to fill his tank. The elderly man was not able to go and get fuel in jerry cans. Glen then filled jerry cans multiple times from the fuel truck and carried them to the house and poured them into the customer’s tank. Glen hauled in over 120 liters of heating oil by hand thus getting heat back into the house so the elderly man could make arrangements to get the driveway scraped down! Hats off to Glen!” - WAYNE S.

QUARTER 2 - 2022

Mitchell  Lac du Bonnet Gas Bar

“An elderly customer came into our location. He didn't look well and grabbed for a shelf when he came in. The customer mentioned he didn’t feel well. Mitchell quickly got a chair for the customer. It appeared that he was close to possibly fainting as he was breaking out in a sweat. Mitchell got the customer some water and took care of the customer until they started to feel better. Mitchell then went over the signs of a stroke checking out the customer’s well-being. After a few minutes, the customer started coming around more. Mitchell stayed with him a little longer and conversed with him until he was fine and ensured Mitchell that he was good to go. The customer shook Mitchell's hand and was very gracious how they took care of him. Turns out, It was after 1pm and the customer said he hadn’t eaten yet today. Amazing job by Mitchell!” - BARRY W.

QUARTER 3 - 2022

Amber — Oakbank Food Store

“Amber was working short staffed in her department when another team member came in and asked for help with an injury. Amber didn't hesitate, she dropped what she was doing and helped her fellow teammate. Amber had to help him clean up and stop the bleeding from his injury. Amber made sure to follow first aid actions and then went back after an hour to check on how he was doing. His bandage had bled through so once again, Amber helped him clean it up and re-dress his injury. Amber was already short staffed but made sure to take the time to ensure the fellow team member was ok and had everything he needed. Good stuff!” - ROBIN B.

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