Grown With Purpose
January 21, 2021

A new agronomic program from the Co-op Grow Team can help you push yields and increase efficiency with on-farm practices that are mindful of air, soil and water quality.


What is Grown with Purpose?

Grown with Purpose describes a comprehensive suite of best management practices that assist crop planning and management. The cornerstone of the program is 4R Nutrient Stewardship, a set of principles that ensure fertilizer applications are made when and where plants need them the most.

As part of Grown with Purpose, Co-op Grow Team members will work with growers on the optimal source, rate, timing and placement of fertilizer. Using advanced agronomic tools and strategies, including variable-rate technology and enhanced-efficiency products, Co-op Grow Team members will help producers get the most from these investments while minimizing nutrient losses to the environment.

Through Grown with Purpose, Co-op Grow Team members will build custom strategies for growers to improve fertilizer efficiency and other on-farm performance metrics. They will also help producers capture and verify that data so they can show their community — and the people buying their grain — exactly how their farm is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

Farm for the future

You can begin your Grown with Purpose journey today with a comprehensive review of your on-farm activities.

That assessment will be used to identify effective strategies that can be employed one field at a time to improve on-farm efficiency, productivity and safety. That includes, but is not limited to, these on-farm strategies and activities:

  • Nutrient Management Strategies that promote economic, environmental and social sustainability goals.
  • Crop Rotations that promote soil health and reduce the spread of disease and insects.
  • Crop Protection Applications that mitigate herbicide resistance by rotating and layering products with different modes of action.
  • Sprayer Tank Cleanout practices that reduce the amount of wasted product and prevent unnecessary crop injury.

For more information about Grown with Purpose, contact our Agro Manager 204-406-2522.

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